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Ohwellawellawella! Tell me more! Tell me more!??

Hello all!

We continued Lous birthday celebrations by going to see Olivia Newton John and the Sydney Syphonic Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House, on the 18th March 06. We decided to start the night early with a cheeky G & T at a swanky vodka bar on the harbourside - a cheeky 'one' turned into several and we had to run, only just making it to the start of the concert!(No,.we never change do we!?) We took the ticket instruction literally and so we were dressed to the nines and left the camera at home,.only to arrive and see everyone sat in their jeans snapping away!!!The night was fantastic! We had to do a sing a long 'summer lovin!'at the end! It felt very exciting and surreal to be sat in the opera house! Just every now and then we remember where we are and what we are doing and it still makes us giddy!! After the show we went for a few extraordinary cocktails and stumbled home for our own after show apertifs(cheese spread on toast,. v glamourous!)

Opera House Night.JPG

On Friday night we went to a Night market in China Town. They take place every week. It felt like we had left Oz for the night and we took full advantage of the chinese cuisine on offer! However we didnt take up the offer of a free chinese massage, infact we had to wrestle an old lady to the ground who wouldnt take no for an answer!

Chinese Market.JPG

On route we also stumbled across Darling Harbour and spent some time wandering round and viewing the maritime exhibits, including a submarine, lighthouse and battleship!

Maritime Museum Ship.JPG

Darling Habour Louise.JPG

Darling Ha..ohn-Lou.JPG

This harbour is also yet another place to eat drink and be merry, not that we need any more encouragement on that score!

Every Sunday we go for a walk that includes going to some of the tourist spots and some of the more off the beaten track beauty spots. We make up a packlunch and head off on an adventure for the day! One weekend we walked to Sydney harbour from our flat and took some time to visit the 'buddy bear' exhibition. This was a collection of over 250 7ft bears that stood outside the Contemporary Art Museum. Each bear represented a country and so was decorated by an artist from that Nation. The exhibition was to promote world equality and peace and moves from nation to nation on a world tour. Although Lou thought the best way to promote world peace was to be a 5'6 immitation 'loubie bear' .. well we thought it was funny anyway! Not sure everyone else did as we ruined there pictures!

Buddi Bears.JPG

Buddi Bear..s - Lou.JPG

Louibie Bear.JPG

UK Buddi B..n - Lou.JPG

From there we followed the coastal path around the harbour , past the opera house and around the edge of the botanic gardens and then proceeded on to a local beatuy spot, Mrs Macquaries point.

Mrs Maquar..n - Lou.JPG

From there you get another great view of the harbour, similiar to the view you see in most postcards taken of this area. On the way home we went through woolloomooloo (a mouthfull to say!), past St Marys Cathedral and through the grounds of Hyde Park. We clocked up over 16km!

St Marys Cathederal.JPG

Anzac Memorial - Hyde Park
Anzac Memorail.JPG

Hyde Park Cone
Hyde Park ..one Lou.JPG

On the saturday of the following weekend there was an Indian festival at Tumbalong Park. There was a number of different performers including troops of dancers, comedians and singers! There was also lots of stalls selling goods and tast treats! We had samosas and thali!(the samosas were the size of T.Ps!)

Indian Festival.JPG

Indian Festival Lou.JPG

We then went to the Chinese fridendship Garden and spent a couple of hours looking around he various gardens, water falls, chinese buildings, sculptures and wildlife,..including giant fish and SPIDERS!!!!

Chinese Ga..Dragons.JPG

Chinese Ga..use Lou.JPG

Chinese Gardens John.JPG

Chinese Gardens Lou.JPG

The following weekend we decided to spend a full day exploring the botanical gardens as it is so huge! As well as the fantastic flowers and trees there is also plenty of sculptures and water features. Within the gardens also sits the Governers house from years gone by. Which is a very English looking mansion sat in its own beautiful grounds.

Governors House.JPG

Governors ..ohn Lou.JPG

In the grounds there was also a sundial in the garden, which was more accurate at telling the time than our mobile!

Sun Dial Lou.JPG

Further into the gardens we came across an area where all the trees were full of bats! They looked like giant rats with wings and made a lot of noise!

Botanic Gardens Bats.JPG

Botanic Gardens Bat2.JPG

On the way home we found St James Church, this is the first christian church that was built in oz and is still standing - now dwarfed by the looming towerblocks of the modern city!

We also took some time recently to take some photos of some of the things we pass on a daily basis - its funny how quickly you become accustomed to things and take it for granted what you see everyday!

Amp Tower 3.JPG

Queen Vic.JPG


John has got a fab new job working for Citigroup for the next 3 months! So that is great news! We are now able to plan in some more of the pricey stuff we hope to do before we leave sydney. Both of us are starting to get itchy feet now,.. well not sure whether it is itchy feet or more that its coz we are both working now!! Either way we are starting to plan the rest of the trip . We are looking to move on in about 10 weeks all being well. It will be hard to leave sydney cos it is so lovely here but we cant wait to go and explore! It will also be interesting leaving the luxury of our city flat for a combi van! Whatever will be next you ask!??? We have gone from an apartment in Dewsbury with fold into the wall bed, downsized from that to a micro unit in sydney,..and next we move onto combi van living! (We are looking into if we can move into a phone box when we get back to the UK!)

How many clowns can you get in a phone box anyway!!???

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Still In Holiday Mode.....

sunny 25 °C

Hello again, hope your all well. So what have we been upto?? Well if your sitting comftably we'll begin...

We started looking for a little flat at the beginning of the month and after searching through one roach infested hole after another we struck gold when we found a web advert for a flat in Newtown which is very close to Sydney. This place is cheaper than the hostels and is a brilliant location for us (its as near as you can get to the restaurants, pubs and music venues!!) and it even came with a BBQ....it was a sign!

Flat Balcony.JPG

Flat Bedroom.JPG

Flat Kitchen.JPG

Flat Living Room.JPG

We mentioned in the last entry that we had been for a meal at the top of the Amp tower for valentines day, well here are a few pics, try turning your head while looking at them and it will be like your there.

Amp Tower Day.JPG

JL Amp Tower.jpg

Amp Tower Night.JPG

Also this month we went to the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras which was excellent, half a million people turned out to watch the parade and I think they were all stood infront of us, we had to run through the streets of Sydney trying to get ahead of the procession to get to a quieter spot. But we had a great time and there was plenty of colourful floats and parties of people marching such as.......

Dikes On Bikes 2.JPG

Poofs On Hoofs.JPG

Convicts Rugby Club.JPG

Snow White.. Whores.JPG

Balloon Man.JPG

Swing Both Ways.JPG

Water Fight.JPG

Your not t..ly gay1.JPG

African Dancers.JPG


We also went to a few museums....the Sydney museum was having a display on the history of Bondi which was very good. Also the Police & Crime museum were doing a limited display of some unusual pictures of criminals that they have found. They are from the 1920's when photography wasn't widely used so all the arrested criminals are doing these strange catalogue poses and looking pleased with themselves for being photographed. Whilst in the Police and Crime museum John found one of his ancestors.....no no not a community minded upstanding police officer...a low down dirty crook, looks John don't you think!!

Convict Dunn.JPG

We also took a trip out to Luna Park this month, which is a amusement park set under the harbour bridge with excellent views of Sydney Harbour.

Luna Park.JPG

Opera House.JPG

Harbour Bridge.JPG

We went on a ferris wheel that from the outside appeared pretty tame and safe but from the inside was worse than any roller coaster we had ever been on....I think it was held together with chewing gum and bluetack.

Dodgy Ferris.JPG

Also at Luna Park we won some cheapy tacky prizes on a dart game. When they open their mouths a streamer flys out and they make terribel annoying noises, kept us ammused on the train ride home, not sure about the other passangers though.

3 Birds.JPG

While we have been here Louise has had a birthday (duh we are here for a year) so to celebrate we went out for a meal to this African restaurant which was fantastic. The place offered all these authentic African tastes and the drink to accompany was made from African flowers. After that we mixed it up a bit and went for an Italian "Gelato" ice cream from a palour up the road. They do dozens and dozens of flavoured ice creams from peanut butter to forrero rocher. Then from there we went for a drinky poos at a bar in town.

Lous Birthday.JPG

Also this month we have been looking for work...honest!! Louise did well to get some work at Louis Vuitton which was a good start and now she has gone on and got a 3 month contract for the health service which is fantsatic. I know I know I know John is still unemployed or is that unemployable!!

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The Holiday Continues......

sunny 26 °C

Hiya All

Well...we think we are into our third week and...we think it is also coming to the weekend although to be honest we haven't got a scooby as we are still stuck in holiday mode with no work to go to, no where to be other than where we fancy and when we fancy. We were laughing today about how its a nice suprise when we realise the weekend is coming around, rather than when we were both in England and on Monday morn at 8:31am sharp we were both already dreaming and wishing for next weekend.

So have we been up to then?!?

Sydney Opera House 1.JPG

Sydney Harbour Bridge.JPG

Well as you can see we have been visiting the sites and also getting used to using t'internet cafes to download pictures which they dont like by the way so I hope someone out there appreciates this. The pictures above are of our 1st trip to Sydney that we talked about in our last entry.

Chinese New Year.JPG

For the first two weeks we got into Sydney there were ongoing celebrations for the Chinese New Year so there were plenty of street parades and dancing dragons and people in very very colourful dress.

Diggiry Doo.jpg

Also close to Sydney ferry harbours there are often guys sat playing with their diggiry doos, I know I know you wouldn't get away with that in the UK but here its acceptable.

Since the last entry we have been to see Louise's cousin Mary and her husband Paul and there daughters Teigan and Teal who live in Avoca north of Sydney. They were very welcoming and we spent a few days with them having BBQ's and visiting the local beach (which is only about 5 mins walk away may I add....I know...lucky buggers!) and it was lovely. It was about a 3 mile stretch of untouched, virtually diserted beach hot enough to fry an egg on. Anyway I know it all sounds like sweetness and light but after the 1st night the kids learnt of our dislike for spiders and couldn't help themselves telling us about the Huntsmen, Redback and funnel web spiders they have living under their house. Well of course as soon as the lights went out that night we couldn't relax. At about 2am I (John) heard a faint rustling on the floor, Louise was asleep but I couldn't relax so I had to wake her, she turned all brave and turned the light on to show me there was nothing to be afraid of but when she did shock horror there was this sodding big black sodding spider draggin its dead cockroach pray over the floor. Well we were both up on top of the bed scared out of our wits. At this point men, I would like to say I took the situation in hand and clobbered the spider and protected the woman I love, well I would like to say that but unfortunatley I can't Lou had to come to my rescue and got the bugger for me. Below is a picture of us both on Mary's verander enjoying the sun.

Avoca Marys.JPG

We also went across the harbour to visit a place called Manly which is just cove after cove of beautiful beaches. We sloped around all day long and hopped in and out of the shade. One of the best bits about going to Manly was the ferry crossing to get there. Its very cheap and you get fantastic views of the city....below is one.

Sydney From Ferry.jpg

For valentines day we went for a meal in the Amp Tower. Its this unusual shaped building a bit like a round spaceship on a pole but a very very long pole. We got in the lift and now joke it took about 10mins to get up to the top. Anyway the views were fantastic and to make sure you get an all round view the floor and everything on it rotates around slowly throughout your meal...it took some getting used to and at some points we weren't sure if it was the wine or the spinning making us dizzy but we had a good night either way.

Also we recently got ourselves a little flat in the centre of Newtown. The Hostel was nice and all but in comparison was costing us an arm and a leg, that and all the staff kept argueing and crying with each other, it was like Neighbours outside our door. So now we have a nice one bedroom flat fully furnished and is a lovely little haven with a balcony and BBQ.

We are still looking for work and at first we were worried but things are looking up and we have a few things lined up, infact Louise has an interview set up for tomorrow. So all is well with us and we hope all is well with you, speak soon.

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We've landed!

sunny 25 °C

Hi all,

Thought we would drop you a quick message to let you all know that we have arrived safely! The 24 hours of travelling was as unbearable as you can expect,..although we got plenty of inflight meals and free booze which helped!

As you can imagine we have slept like 'john and yoko' since we got here! But have still managed to force ourselves up and out to see the sights! The town we are staying is called Stanmore but we are also adjoining Newtown, which is a great location. Newtown has a 2 mile stretch of pubs, bars, live music venues and restaurants. More restaurants than you can imagine,.thai, chinese,greek, vietnamese, portugese, lebonese,turkish,african, indian,nordic and DOMINOS! (Not one chippy insight! haha!) You can expect us to return in a years time like the size of a house end! We are already saving for extra seats home to accomodate the growth!
We are 1 train stop from Sydney city centre.

Our first trip out was to see Sydney central, we saw the harbour,the opera house and the amp tower to name but a few! It was fantastic but hard to take it all in that we are really here at all!

The second trip we took was to Bondi Beach, the weather that day reached inxs of 30 degrees!
Scorchio! So we took advantage of the weather (and got burnt to a crisp!). The view over Bondi Beach was awesome and really was like a postcard scene!

But now we have to face a few facts and start looking for work, although how you can do a serious days work over here is a mystery, surely it will be friday feeling everyday!

Anyway, we will keep you updated on our adventures, we need to go now, it is soooooo hot in here!!!! haha!

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6 Weeks To Go........

overcast 13 °C

Hi all, well we are closer than ever now and I don't mind telling you we are very very excited as well as a bit scared. The story so far is that both Louise and I have handed in our notice from work and now we are preparing for Christmas and are also making final preperations for oz. So don't be too suprised when you get a knock at your door or a call on your phone as one of things on our list is to try and see everyone we will miss whilst away for a year.

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