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April 2006

Ohwellawellawella! Tell me more! Tell me more!??

Hello all!

We continued Lous birthday celebrations by going to see Olivia Newton John and the Sydney Syphonic Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House, on the 18th March 06. We decided to start the night early with a cheeky G & T at a swanky vodka bar on the harbourside - a cheeky 'one' turned into several and we had to run, only just making it to the start of the concert!(No,.we never change do we!?) We took the ticket instruction literally and so we were dressed to the nines and left the camera at home,.only to arrive and see everyone sat in their jeans snapping away!!!The night was fantastic! We had to do a sing a long 'summer lovin!'at the end! It felt very exciting and surreal to be sat in the opera house! Just every now and then we remember where we are and what we are doing and it still makes us giddy!! After the show we went for a few extraordinary cocktails and stumbled home for our own after show apertifs(cheese spread on toast,. v glamourous!)

Opera House Night.JPG

On Friday night we went to a Night market in China Town. They take place every week. It felt like we had left Oz for the night and we took full advantage of the chinese cuisine on offer! However we didnt take up the offer of a free chinese massage, infact we had to wrestle an old lady to the ground who wouldnt take no for an answer!

Chinese Market.JPG

On route we also stumbled across Darling Harbour and spent some time wandering round and viewing the maritime exhibits, including a submarine, lighthouse and battleship!

Maritime Museum Ship.JPG

Darling Habour Louise.JPG

Darling Ha..ohn-Lou.JPG

This harbour is also yet another place to eat drink and be merry, not that we need any more encouragement on that score!

Every Sunday we go for a walk that includes going to some of the tourist spots and some of the more off the beaten track beauty spots. We make up a packlunch and head off on an adventure for the day! One weekend we walked to Sydney harbour from our flat and took some time to visit the 'buddy bear' exhibition. This was a collection of over 250 7ft bears that stood outside the Contemporary Art Museum. Each bear represented a country and so was decorated by an artist from that Nation. The exhibition was to promote world equality and peace and moves from nation to nation on a world tour. Although Lou thought the best way to promote world peace was to be a 5'6 immitation 'loubie bear' .. well we thought it was funny anyway! Not sure everyone else did as we ruined there pictures!

Buddi Bears.JPG

Buddi Bear..s - Lou.JPG

Louibie Bear.JPG

UK Buddi B..n - Lou.JPG

From there we followed the coastal path around the harbour , past the opera house and around the edge of the botanic gardens and then proceeded on to a local beatuy spot, Mrs Macquaries point.

Mrs Maquar..n - Lou.JPG

From there you get another great view of the harbour, similiar to the view you see in most postcards taken of this area. On the way home we went through woolloomooloo (a mouthfull to say!), past St Marys Cathedral and through the grounds of Hyde Park. We clocked up over 16km!

St Marys Cathederal.JPG

Anzac Memorial - Hyde Park
Anzac Memorail.JPG

Hyde Park Cone
Hyde Park ..one Lou.JPG

On the saturday of the following weekend there was an Indian festival at Tumbalong Park. There was a number of different performers including troops of dancers, comedians and singers! There was also lots of stalls selling goods and tast treats! We had samosas and thali!(the samosas were the size of T.Ps!)

Indian Festival.JPG

Indian Festival Lou.JPG

We then went to the Chinese fridendship Garden and spent a couple of hours looking around he various gardens, water falls, chinese buildings, sculptures and wildlife,..including giant fish and SPIDERS!!!!

Chinese Ga..Dragons.JPG

Chinese Ga..use Lou.JPG

Chinese Gardens John.JPG

Chinese Gardens Lou.JPG

The following weekend we decided to spend a full day exploring the botanical gardens as it is so huge! As well as the fantastic flowers and trees there is also plenty of sculptures and water features. Within the gardens also sits the Governers house from years gone by. Which is a very English looking mansion sat in its own beautiful grounds.

Governors House.JPG

Governors ..ohn Lou.JPG

In the grounds there was also a sundial in the garden, which was more accurate at telling the time than our mobile!

Sun Dial Lou.JPG

Further into the gardens we came across an area where all the trees were full of bats! They looked like giant rats with wings and made a lot of noise!

Botanic Gardens Bats.JPG

Botanic Gardens Bat2.JPG

On the way home we found St James Church, this is the first christian church that was built in oz and is still standing - now dwarfed by the looming towerblocks of the modern city!

We also took some time recently to take some photos of some of the things we pass on a daily basis - its funny how quickly you become accustomed to things and take it for granted what you see everyday!

Amp Tower 3.JPG

Queen Vic.JPG


John has got a fab new job working for Citigroup for the next 3 months! So that is great news! We are now able to plan in some more of the pricey stuff we hope to do before we leave sydney. Both of us are starting to get itchy feet now,.. well not sure whether it is itchy feet or more that its coz we are both working now!! Either way we are starting to plan the rest of the trip . We are looking to move on in about 10 weeks all being well. It will be hard to leave sydney cos it is so lovely here but we cant wait to go and explore! It will also be interesting leaving the luxury of our city flat for a combi van! Whatever will be next you ask!??? We have gone from an apartment in Dewsbury with fold into the wall bed, downsized from that to a micro unit in sydney,..and next we move onto combi van living! (We are looking into if we can move into a phone box when we get back to the UK!)

How many clowns can you get in a phone box anyway!!???

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