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· How are we both?

· What have we been up to?


We guess those of you that are interested (or still awake from the last instalment) will be asking at least one or more of the above!

In answer to the first question, we are great, no injuries, illness or snakebites so that’s something! We are only suffering with the cool nights, this being something we didn’t read about in the brochures! It seems that a few months in a hot climate, your expectations of the weather become very high and a bit of wind gives you cause to complain! (I mean of the weather kind of wind, although both types are not unheard of round casa John & Lou!).

In answer to question 2, We have been busy this last couple of weeks fitting in activities we want to do with our remaining time in Sydney and coupled that with the quest to find THE VAN.

Big things to report this month have included a fantastic visit to Taronga Zoo. Brilliant and well worth the money! The zoo is on the side of a hill facing the harbour, so a ferry is required. Lovely boat ride, (cheaper than the tourist cruise option!). On arrival the entrance is at the base of the hill, a cable car was provided to take you to the top, so you can work your way around and down the hill. A full day was spent exploring the zoo and we saw all kinds of wild and exotic animals! The lions were pretty scary and took a liking to Lou (We weren’t sure if they thought Lou was a distant relative or lunch!) The highlight of the day was watching the zookeepers feeding the ape / gorillas. There was a King Kong type of monkey that was very greedy & unwilling to share his booty with the rest of the tribe; it was v.comical to watch him shining an apple before he ate it (More table manners than john!).

Ideal camera opportunity you say………..DAMN THE DIGITAL CAMERA!

Why say ‘full battery’ one minute and then after the first snap display the ‘empty battery’ warning! Luckily (for the zoo) we were able to be fleeced nearly 15 quid for a disposable! So we got some great snaps and even managed to go inside a koala enclosure and have a pic taken!











This month we have fitted in many treats including Thai, ice cream, Turkish, ice cream, Tapas, ice-cream, Italian, ice-cream! You get the picture on that score we guess!

Also this month we have been to ‘Susannah Place’, which is a preserved set of terraced houses that are located on ‘The Rocks’. These were some of the first houses built in the area for the early settlers who were less than wealthy. They have been restored to look like they would a fair few years ago, but don’t worry; you too can share our experience by visiting one of your elderly relatives that live in a terrace with dated décor & original furnishings from pre-war days!! It was quite funny to hear other museumgoers ‘oohing and ahhing’ at the mystery’s of the tea caddy, pastry cutters and peg bag. Joking apart tho, it was nice and quaint in a funny kind of familiar way.





So big news left, the quest for a van! We searched high and low, visited Kings Cross market and dealerships and eventually found the one! We are now the proud owners of one 1983 Toyota Hiace Savannah pop-top campervan! It’s like a time machine! Every thing is in excellent condition but old! It was ironic that the only radio station we could find on our first drive was a 1960s channel!





We took our first mini adventure on Sunday and navigated our way successfully across the city to Coogee Bay and then onto Maroubra Beach. Excellent effort considering the amount of one way systems, impatient taxis and that we are driving a tank with the gear stick protruding from the side of the steering column?! This van is an olds mobile…but it’s our olds mobile so we love it.



And now just before the end of this slightly shorter update we would like to offer you all free entry into our competition. Don’t worry we’re not going to ask for all your bank details in exchange for a dodgy porcelain dog ornament (although we could nick you one from Susannah Place if you like)…all we want you to do is email us a possible name for our mobile home. Send your entries to john4lou@hotmail.co.uk and the lucky winner will be sent a genuine piece of Australiana.

Anyway in a conscious effort to keep it short, that’s all folks!

Will update you shortly with our news, we are due to be leaving Sydney on the 29th June, our itinerary is outlined for your information below:





Speak soon!

John and Lou x

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